Jahr Titel Autor Publiziert Link
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Computer Standards & Interfaces Link
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2017 Eliciting Agile requirements using Context-based Persona Stories Sedeño, J.; Schön, E.-M.; Torrecilla-Salinas, C.; Thomaschewski, J.; Escalona, M. J..; Mejías, M. In: Proceedings of the
International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST2017)
2016 A Methodology for Agile Requirements Engineering based on a Pattern Approach Schön, E.-M. CAiSE 2016 Doctoral Consortium Link
2016 Enterprise Experience into the Integration of Human-Centered Design and Kanban Schön, E.-M.; Winter, D.; Uhlenbrok, J.; Escalona, M. J.; Thomaschewski, J. In: Proceedings of the 11th International Joint Conference on Software Technologies (ICSOFT 2016) – Volume 1: ICSOFT-EA
2016 Empowering User Interfaces for
the Industry 4.0
Pfeiffer, T.; Hellmers, J.; Schön, E.-M.; Thomaschewski, J. Proceedings of the IEEE, Volume: 104, Issue: 5, 2016  Link